Women in Free Clinics: an Assessment of Health-related Quality of Life for Prevention and Health Education

  • 31/03/2022
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Understanding gender influences on health-related quality of life (hrqol) is important to improve womens health when considering diseases that afflict women specifically. The target population of this study was uninsured female free clinic patients who are low socio-economic status and lack access to healthcare resources. Free clinics provide free or reduced fee healthcare to individuals who lack access to primary care and are socio-economically disadvantaged. While approximately half of free clinic patients are women, there is a paucity of comprehensive health-related data for female free clinic patients. Us born english, non-us born english, and spanish speaking female free clinic patients completed a self-administered survey using a standardized womens hrqol measure in fall 2014 (n=389). Female free clinic patients reported lower hrqol on all aspects of womens health compared to the us baseline scores, and were less likely to utilize preventive care including: mammograms, pap smear, and hpv vaccination compared to the us general population. Spanish speakers reported a higher percentage of having had mammography and pap smear, and heard about hpv compared tothe other two groups. Us born english speakers reported lower levels of hrqol in vasomotor symptoms and sleep symptoms, and the lowest percentage of breast health and pap smear screenings compared to non-us born english and spanish speakers. Non-us born english speakers reported higher preference for female physician compared to us born english speakers and spanish speakers. Free clinic female patients need preventative interventions and educational opportunities to improve their overall hrqol. 2015, Springer science+business media new york.

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