Using Adaptation-based Teaching Into Teaching the Parametric Equation of a Straight Line in a Plane

  • 31/03/2022
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The famous psychologist j. Piaget was a founder of cognitive constructivism. He stated that the knowledge of human beings is constructed through experience, but not from the information they are given. He asserted that the cognitive development of learner passed through two processes: assimilation and accommodation (commonly called adaptation). From the above idea of piaget, many educators suggested different models of teaching. In this study, we introduced the adaptation based teaching by n.P. Loc (2019), the model was developed on the basis of concepts: assimilation accommodation, balance concepts which related to cognitive constructivism, and we also apply the model to teach the parametric equation of a straight line in a plane in order to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of it. 2019, Ijstr.

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