Users’ Searching Behaviour in Using Online Databases at Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City

  • 31/03/2022
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Purpose: this paper seeks to focus on identifying the searching behaviours of users, their difficulties as well as their expectations from library supports while using online databases at the central library of vietnam national university – ho chi minh city. Design/methodology/approach: usage reports of six online databases subscribed by the central library were analyzed, a survey by emailing users a questionnaire and four deep interviews were conducted. Findings: the amount of usage increases yearly, however it is still low in comparison with the number of subscribers who have registered for using online databases. Users did search for their research and study rather than for their teaching or professional knowledge update. Often they looked for journal articles and theses rather than e-books. Key words and titles were used the most when searching. Reading the guidance from the library websites or from the databases was most used. This suggested that most users did not know how to use the databases and preferred to learn by themselves. Email was preferred by users to communicate with library staff. English language and database searching skills were the biggest barriers preventing users from employing online databases. Originality/value: this paper provides an understanding of users’ behaviours and suggests that it is necessary to assist users in using online databases in vietnam universities. Up to now, these issues have not been known. They are relevant to improving the utilization of online databases. Emerald group publishing limited.

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