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  • Top Economics Universities and Research Institutions in Vietnam: Evidence from the Sshpa Dataset

Top Economics Universities and Research Institutions in Vietnam: Evidence from the Sshpa Dataset

  • 08/08/2021
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Economic research is vital for creating more suitable policies to facilitate economic growth. Employing a combination of descriptive and bayesian analyses, this paper investigates the research landscape of the economics discipline in vietnam, in particular, the leading affiliations in the field and how these institutions compare to each other in terms of productivity, the number of lead authors, new authors and publications’ journal impact factor. We also examine the differences in the authors’ productivity based on their age and gender. The dataset extracted from the sshpa database includes 1,444 articles. The findings show that among top producers of economic research in vietnam, seven are universities, leaving only one representative of research institutes. These top producers account for 52% of research output among 178 institutes recorded in the database. We also find a correlation between a researcher’s affiliation, sex, and scientific productivity in vietnam’s economic discipline. Overall, publications by male researchers outnumber those by female ones in most of the top affiliations. The findings also indicate that 4044 is the age group with the highest scientific productivity. Researchers’ collaboration, which is observed through co-authorship, is on the rise in all of the top eight economic research affiliations. However, the quality of current vietnam’s scientific works in the discipline is questionable. Therefore, it is suggested that in order to sustain scientific productivity, economic researchers might need to balance the quantity and quality of their contributions.Scientific collaboration; scientific publishing; economics discipline; vietnam; bayesian analysis. 2021 The author(s)

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