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The Relationship of School, Parent, and Peer Contextual Factors With Self-reported Delinquency for Chinese, Cambodian, Laotian or Mien, and Vietnamese Youth

  • 31/03/2022
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The study of delinquency has focused on examining the relative predictive value of school, parent, and peer contextual variables, but relatively little research has included chinese and southeast asian youth. Using data from a larger, community-based research study with 329 chinese, cambodian, laotian or mien, and vietnamese youth, the authors found that peer delinquency was the strongest predictor of self-reported delinquency. However, its predictive power for the chinese group is about one half that of the other groups. School attachment negatively predicted delinquency for chinese and vietnamese and for males and females but not for cambodian and laotian or mien. Parent attachment and parent discipline were found to be nonsignificant predictors. Lisrel analyses also indicated measurement and structural invariance across ethnic groups, providing support for cross-cultural comparisons. Implications for interventions are discussed. 2005 Sage publications.

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