The Relationship Between Birth Order, Sex, Home Scholarly Culture and Youths’ Reading Practices in Promoting Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development in Vietnam

  • 31/03/2022
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Book reading is an important factor contributing to children’s cognitive development and education for sustainable development. However, in a developing country like vietnam, statistics have reported a low figure in book reading: only 1.2 Books a year. This research study used a dataset of 1676 observations of junior high school students from northern vietnam to explore students’ reading behavior and its association with demographic factors, and the family’s reading culture. Data analysis suggests the older the student gets, the less inclined they are to read, and being female and having hobbies of low sensory stimulation are linked to higher preference for reading. Regarding scholarly culture at home, students who read more varied types of books and spend more time on books are correlated with higher reading interest. Reading habits are also positively reinforced by the capacity to access books and parental book reading. 2019 By the authors.

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