The Investigation of Entrepreneurial Intention Among International University

  • 31/03/2022
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Scholars and policy makers have researched on entrepreneurship during the last decades. The essential reason of this concern is the necessity raising for entrepreneurs who accelerate economic development through generating innovative business ideas and converting them into profitable ventures. By establishing new integrating models, this study seeks the determinants of entrepreneurial intention throughout contextual factors. The survey was conducted in eight different schools and departments at international university, vietnam national university in ho chi minh city. The hypotheses associated with structural equation modeling (sem) were tested by using the amos software version 21. The findings show that the contextual factors (perceived educational and structural supports) has a significant effect on students’ entrepreneurial intention. Moreover, the personal trait (self – confidence) plays a vital role as a mediator in the complex relationships between the contextual factors and the entrepreneurial intention. In addition, the multi-group analysis illustrates that there are several significant differences on interactions between respondent groups. These findings suggest some essential implications for policy makers and educators.

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