The Influence of Hospital Location and Level of Care on Continuing Professional Development

  • 31/03/2022
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Healthcare workers core skills are reinforced and knowledge of latest developments ensured by undertaking systematic continuing professional development. The current study explored the impact of health facility location and level of care provided on the continuing professional development offered to maternity services healthcare workers in victoria, australia. An online survey of middle to senior management staff of 71 public and private health services as well as 7 professional bodies was conducted, yielding 114 participants. Analysis was by location (metropolitan or regional/rural) and level of care provided. The findings revealed australian health practitioner regulation agency registration is the predominant requirement to provide continuing professional development to staff. Dedicated education departments or educators are significantly underrepresented in level 1&2 facilities, while level 5&6 facilities are more likely to provide breastfeeding continuing professional development. Metropolitan locations provided more wide-ranging programmes compared with rural/regional locations. Key enablers are the capacity to share resources, have access to external courses and simulation equipment/centres, and the provision of relevant and timely continuing professional development programmes, indicating that educational hubs with credentialed staff working from better resourced regional facilities could deliver a complete array of cpd programmes to lower level facilities. 2019

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