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The Effect of Computer Assisted Language Learning (call) on Performance in the Test of English for International Communication (toeic) Listening Module

  • 31/03/2022
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Many companies and organizations have been using the test of english for international communication (toeic) for business and commercial communication purpose in vietnam and around the world. The present study investigated the effect of computer assisted language learning (call) on performance in the test of english for international communication (toeic) listening module. Two groups of participants enrolledinthe same major, had equivalent general english background and attended the toeic listening class twice a week with the same teacher – the researcher in 7 weeks at the college of finance and customs, in vietnam. There were 25 students in the treatment group and the control group. The quasi-experimental method, questionnaire and post-test were used in this study. The material input was designed with the application of call introduced into the treatment group only whereas the control group still learned with the current textbook only. The results showed that there was difference in the performance on toeic listening test scores between two groups. The students in the treatment group used listening strategies more effectively than the students in the control groups. Moreover, call instruction and teaching method increased the students’ toeic listening scores significantly.

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