The Competency-based School Counseling Model in High Schools: a Vietnamese Case

  • 08/08/2021
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The article discusses the assessed results of a competency-based school counseling model for vietnamese high school students. This is a qualitative case study research using semi-structured in-depth interviews to explore the experience and feedbacks of the participants about the proposed model. The five groups of participants are: high school students, parents, teachers, school counselors, and school managers. Based on the thematic analysis, four key themes relating to the participants experience and feedback were identified from informant responses. The findings suggest that the proposed model assessed appeared to be necessary, feasible and responsive to the new requirements of the vietnamese 2018-general educational program. However, to meet the participants expectations, the model must orient more clearly on how to consolidate highly qualified school counselors and ensure the requirements of facilities and professional policies. Overall, through a trial and assessment process by the participants, the proposed model meets the requirements of developing three core competencies for vietnamese students, as well as clearly showing the implementation process and coordinated effectively in school counseling work. This is an achievement for the field of school counseling in vietnam. 2020 Elsevier ltd

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