Teacher Interactive and Reflexive Positionings in Accommodating International Students: Implications for Teacher Professional Development

  • 31/03/2022
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Despite the rapid flow of international students to anglo-saxon countries, especially the us, uk, canada and australia, the professional development needs and practices of teachers working with international students are still under-researched. According to the oecd, around the globe, over five million students are pursuing tertiary education in another country other than their own. Australia, in particular, is hosting more than 600,000 international students. Australian teachers are facing significant professional challenges to engage with pedagogical issues in teaching international students. This paper responds to a critical gap in the literature by exploring teacher interactive and reflexive positionings with regards to their professional development in international education. It draws on a research project that includes observation, field work, and 102 semi-structured interviews with staff working with international students. The findings indicate the need for professional development focusing on supporting teachers to develop the capabilities to not only deal with the challenges in teaching an increasingly diverse student population but importantly, build productive interactive relationships with their international students. In this regard, interactive relationships are centred around recognising cultural differences and positioning international students as partners on a more equal basis in the construction of transnational knowledge, skills and competencies. 2018, 2018 International professional development association (ipda).

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