Students Social Networking: Current Status and Impact

  • 31/03/2022
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In the era of technological development, people have more and more opportunities to interact with websites, especial ly social networking sites. This is one of the channels that attracts a lot of attention of young people, most notably the age of students. Besides the positives, the use of social networks also leaves a number of negative consequences. Based on the information surveyed, by the method of statistical analysis, this article will clearly analyze the current status of students using social networks and the impact of social networks on students. Data analysis shows that, in the current popular social networks, facebook is used the most (46% often, 26% very often). In addition, we can see that students use social networks primarily to interact, make friends, listen to music, watch movies. The analysis also shows that, in addition to the positive impact of social networking is to help students connect with friends, entertain, learn knowledge, etc., We also see that using social media will entail implications such as wasting time, insomnia, falling into a “virtual” life, distracting from studying. The results of the study are useful information, as a basis for proposing measures to promote benefits, as well as limit the negative impacts of social networks on students in particular and young people in general. Ijstr 2019.

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