Student Postures and Gestures Recognition System for Adaptive Learning Improvement

  • 31/03/2022
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Giới thiệu

Adaptive learning is an educational method that uses computers to coordinate interaction with student and provide customized learning resources and activities to meet each student’s unique needs that are a trend. In order to adjust the content and teaching methods appropriate for each learner, it is necessary to track the attitude of students with the content and methods being implemented. One of the ways of detecting student’s attitudes is through the gestures and posture of student in the classroom.In this study, we propose to develop a model to monitor and identify students’ postures and gestures during class time to help assess the level of student participation in the content and teaching methods of teachers. From there, it is possible to give advice to trainers and training managers in adjusting the subject content, teaching methods suitable for each specific object. 2019 Ieee.

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