Student Mobility, Connectedness and Identity

  • 31/03/2022
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The intersections with new sociocultural environments as a result of transnational mobility affect international students identity and connectedness with place, people and values. Mobility provides both challenges and possibilities for international students self-formation and connectedness with the world around them. Connectedness/disconnectedness is closely related to mobility and plays an important role in shaping international students well-being, performance and life trajectories. This introductory chapter begins with an overview of the international student mobility and the primary factors shaping this phenomenon. It next discusses the key issues related to international students physical and virtual connectedness with people, places, communities and organisations. It examines the conditions in which international students connectedness and identity formation and reformation are embedded. The chapter highlights the fluidity, diversity and complexity of international student connectedness and identity development across different national, social and cultural boundaries. Springer science+business media singapore 2017.

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