Stem Education Program: Manufacturing Mixture of Phosphate and Potash Fertilizer Straws and Waste of Animal Bones

  • 31/03/2022
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Stem educational orientation program is one interdisciplinary approaching way during study which consists of academic terms with principle characteristics combines with lectures in real life. Joining in stem educational orientation program, students will have practical experience, thus they have opportunities to develop their capabilities including ability to apply knowledge and skills (aak&s), help students to improve study skills and methods such as planning, analyzing, summarizing information, suggest creative solutions; encourage motivation, benefits and study activities. Based on the foundation of utilizing stem educational orientation program in teaching, it can be a direction to develop student’s capabilities. In this study, the author instructed students to research “manufacturing mixture of phosphate and potash fertilizer from straws and waste of animal bones” following stem educational orientation program in improving abilities and applying chemistry knowledge to life for the student. The result shows stem system could handle the theoretical weight situation, help students shape and develop core competencies, specialized chemistry and especially, the ability to apply knowledge and skills in a systematic and solid manner. Published under licence by iop publishing ltd.

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