Self-questioning Strategy Training: Insights from Implementation

  • 31/03/2022
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Questioning strategy training is an increasing area of research interest in efl education as it has been proved to be important in supporting students’ reading comprehension and critical thinking. Especially in the context like indonesia where the teaching of reading is limited to a traditional approach, strictly following the textbook. The need for training in self-questioning strategies is critical. This paper reports the finding of a case study exploring the process of training in self-questioning strategies for 11th grade students in indonesia. Data was collected from observations, researcher’s field notes, and interviews. The study indicates feasibility of the implementation, describes the practice of the implementation, and identifies critical factors contributing to the effectiveness of the implementation. It suggests a number of issues in enhancing the self-questioning implementation, which is practically helpful not only in the researched context but also in other contexts. 2013, Asian e f l journal press. All rights reserved.

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