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Reporting Verbs in Tesol Master’s Theses Written by Vietnamese Postgraduate Students

  • 31/03/2022
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Reporting verbs (rvs) are the key feature in academic writing that enables writers to establish the credibility of the reported claims. However, little research has been conducted on how they are employed by non-native english writers (nnews). This study, therefore, reported on the investigation of how rvs were employed in each chapter of 24 tesol master’s (m.A.) Theses written by vietnamese students in terms of their denotative and evaluative potentials, their forms, tenses and voice. Employing hyland’s (2002a) classification of rvs in terms of denotation and evaluation as well as semi-structured interviews with thesis writers and supervisors, the study provided an insightful description of how rvs were used in m.A. Theses. Besides the allocation of rvs in each thesis chapter, these writers’ intended purposes in using rvs to describe the research process (denotative values) in each chapter were revealed. However, there was a limited number of rvs used in the whole thesis corpus, and these writers’ inappropriate use of rvs in terms of their evaluative potentials for evaluating the cited claims and tenses and voice in relation to the communicative functions of thesis chapters was also identified. These findings suggest that it is necessary to teach nnews the various functions and the rhetorical effects that rvs can have on their academic writing.

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