Quality of Teacherchild Interactions and Its Relations to Childrens Classroom Engagement and Disaffection in Vietnamese Kindergartens

  • 31/03/2022
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This study investigated the quality of teacherchild interaction and its effects on childrens classroom engagement and disaffection in vietnamese kindergartens. The quality of teacherchild interaction was measured using the classroom assessment scoring system. Childrens classroom engagement and disaffection were assessed by engagement versus disaffection in learning. There were 1474 kindergarten children and 60 teachers from 12 kindergartens in three cities in vietnam participating in the study. The results indicated that classrooms in vietnam kindergartens had a moderate quality of teacherchild interaction. Compared to the results from other countries published previously, teacher sensitivity and regard for student perspectives of vietnamese samples were lower than those of finland, germany, the united states, and china. Productivity and the instructional learning format in vietnamese kindergarten classrooms were higher than those of all the other countries except finland. The results of fixed-effects and random-effects modelling suggested that children in better organised classrooms were more engaged in learning. Emotional support had a negative effect on childrens classroom engagement. Childrens classroom disaffection was not significantly affected by the quality of the teacherchild interaction. 2018, 2018 Informa uk limited, trading as taylor & francis group.

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