Quality of Business Graduates in Vietnamese Institutions: Multiple Perspectives

  • 31/03/2022
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Purpose the purpose of this exploratory and analytical study is to investigate some quality indicators of graduates in business master programmes in vietnam and the perception gaps of graduate quality if any among the three primary participants in the educational process, e.G. Graduate, faculty and employers. Design-methodology-approach the exploratory factor analysis (efa) and manova are the two major statistical approaches used for scale purification and data analysis. The population for this study is composed of 460 graduate students and 195 faculty members from 7 main tertiary institutions across vietnam and 153 employers in hochiminh city. Findings the findings from the study indicate that there are 19 variables which represent the graduate quality in business master programmes in vietnam. Of the 19 variables, critical analysis, problem-solving skills, and overall quality of work are the most important indicators. The findings also indicate that there is a significant difference of perception on graduate quality between the three groups surveyed. Research limitations-implications as far as personal attributes are concerned, such indicators as willingness to learn, enthusiasm, and self-motivation are rated differently. The similar views as well as the different ones on those variables might serve as points of reference for business schools and employers to update their curriculum and staff development programmes. Such multiple perspectives on graduate quality would also help to raise students’ awareness of core skills and competencies needed for their future career. Practical implications the research findings are most applicable to business training programmes. For other types of training programmes, further research is to be recommended. Originality-value so far, there has not been any empirical research that relates to this issue in vietnamese case, a special case for the transition process. An investigation into the graduate quality indicators in vietnam, therefore, is desirable. 2007, Emerald group publishing limited

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