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  • Paired Placements in Intensified School and University Environments: Advantages and Barriers

Paired Placements in Intensified School and University Environments: Advantages and Barriers

  • 31/03/2022
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The intensified school and university environments currently in australia require universities and schools to develop new models of professional experience practice that meet political and economic drivers. In this chapter, we will present two examples where a paired placement professional experience model was implemented in partnership with local schools. Each of the paired placement models were informed by sociocultural theories to move beyond the master-apprentice model of preservice teacher education to a more innovative and collaborative practice that we consider advantageous to the profession. The authors each led the implementation of the model in their respective universities and collected empirical data from preservice teachers, supervising teachers, principals and university lecturers. We will also discuss some of the complexities we encountered when implementing the models. The models presented were different in delivery and format, yet there were similarities in the barriers encountered when we tried to expand them to encompass a wider cohort of schools and preservice teachers. We believe it is important to provide this account of our experiences with paired placement models to broaden the discussion by acknowledging concerns related to expanding successful localised models for wider implementation. We work in a complex education environment and believe that a single model of professional experience, paired placement or otherwise, will never accommodate the political and economic needs of schools, preservice teachers and universities. Springer nature singapore pte ltd. 2018.

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