Mental Health Literacy and Intervention Program Adaptation in the Internationalization of School Psychology for Vietnam

  • 31/03/2022
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This paper discusses how school psychology technology developed in western countries can be adapted for global contexts and internationalized. The article reports results of two studies, providing examples of (1) our school psychology internationalization experiences in vietnam, as lessons hopefully useful for other professionals interested in international development, and (2) how western researchers can learn through internalization experiences. Because mental health literacy is foundational for mental health development, study 1 focused on assessment of mental health literacy among 353 vietnamese teachers, with findings suggesting overall low mental health literacy among these participants. Study 2 focused on our vietnam aces pros high-school problem-solving therapy program. We discuss the mental health capacity development model guiding development of aces pros and report positive results of an evaluation of aces pros involving 100 vietnamese high-school students. Program cultural adaptation (e.G., Deciding whether teacher classroom praise should be excluded from classroom behavior management because of vietnamese students tendency to react to praise with increased competitive behavior) is reviewed as an example of challenges faced in school psychology internationalization. This program of research shows that school psychology internationalization can be successful but requires careful attention and close collaboration. 2018 Wiley periodicals, inc.

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