Mediating Teacher Professional Identity: the Emergence of Humanness and Ethical Identity

  • 31/03/2022
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Over the past couple of years, international vocational education and training has been much debated at the nexus of the commercialisation of vocational education and social justice for international students. This nexus has significantly affected the professional identity and responsibilities of teachers who are directly involved in providing vocational education and training for international students. Drawing on a research project funded by the australian research council, this paper offers an alternative lens on vocational teachers’ process of mediating professional identity in response to the flow of international students and the commercialisation of vocational education. It employs the logic of relationality as a conceptual framework to interpret teachers’ journey of identity re-construction. The humanness and ethical dimensions of identity have been at the heart of the teachers’ negotiation over the kind of teachers they are and to which they aspire. The teachers in this research draw on humanness and ethical dimensions to engage in critical reflection of their own teaching practices, their interaction with international students and the socio-political context shaping international vocational education and training. They perceive their professional responsibility not only in relation to the facilitation of students’ development of vocational skills and knowledge, but also the provision of pastoral care for international students and the advocating for social justice for this student cohort. Content management pty ltd. International journal of training research.

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