Management Education in Emerging Economies: the Impossible Dream?

  • 31/03/2022
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Providing management education in countries where poverty is rampant seems a contradiction in terms. Yet it may help the country to develop stronger competitiveness and economic development. The article proposes a tentative framework to show how management education might be implemented in the world’s poorest countries. The proposed framework integrates conditions and influences relating to management education, including country environment, with particular emphasis on stage and nature of poverty and openness of educational practices to ideas from outside the country. Finally, the model suggests that outcomes are hard to assess and face many obstacles. The article primarily draws on a decade-long case study within one country in southeast asia but also provides observations from other emerging countries in asia and africa. The article discusses the challenges of the dream of providing management education-including the length of time and difficulties of infusing concepts and behaviors into developing countries’ management education institutions. 2008 Organizational behavior teaching society.

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