Learning to Reflect Through Peer Mentoring in a Tesol Practicum

  • 31/03/2022
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In response to calls for changes and reforms to improve the quality of teacher education programmes, reflective practice has attracted wide attention. A variety of innovations in teacher education have been applied in order to encourage pre-service teachers to reflect on their teaching meaningfully and effectively. However, not all of these models appear appropriate for stimulating reflection. This study examined how a peer-mentoring model among pre-service teachers facilitated their reflection on teaching. Albeit with a small sample size, this study shows the merit of a peer-mentoring model as a meaningful way of engaging prospective teachers in reflective practice. This study not only provides critical insights for teacher educators, it also advocates the use of peer mentoring to facilitate reflection on teaching and discussion among pre-service teachers. The author(s) 2018. Published by oxford university press; all rights reserved.

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