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Knowledge Transfer from Business Schools to Business Organizations: the Roles Absorptive Capacity, Learning Motivation, Acquired Knowledge and Job Autonomy

  • 31/03/2022
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Purpose: the purpose of this paper is to investigate the impacts of absorptive capacity, learning motivation and acquired knowledge on knowledge transfer from business schools to business organizations, as it has been realized that in-service training business students can serve as a channel as well as a source in this type of knowledge transfer. The study also examines the mixed moderating role of job autonomy in the relationship between acquired knowledge and knowledge transfer. Design/methodology/approach: a sample of 344 in-service training business students in vietnam was surveyed to collect data. Confirmatory factor analysis was used to validate the measures, and structural equation modeling was used to test the hypotheses. Findings: the findings reveal that absorptive capacity positively affects acquired knowledge but it does not have an effect on knowledge transfer. Learning motivation, however, has positive effects on both acquired knowledge and knowledge transfer. The findings also indicate that acquired knowledge is a determinant of knowledge transfer. Finally, job autonomy plays the role of a mixed moderator in the relationship between acquired knowledge and knowledge transfer. Practical implications: this study signals the participating parties business schools, business organizations and in-service training business students that absorptive capacity, learning motivation, acquired knowledge and job autonomy are critical to the transfer of knowledge from business schools to business organizations. Originality/value: this study contributes to the literature on university-to-industry knowledge transfer by providing empirical evidence for key determinants of knowledge transfer from business schools to business organizations through a new channel of knowledge transfer in-service training business students. 2017, Emerald publishing limited.

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