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Introduction: Rethinking International Education

  • 31/03/2022
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This introduction chapter provides, firstly, the background to the research in relation to the impacts of international education for asian overseas students in their efforts to contribute to their countries development. It outlines the rationale for the book in shifting the vision of international education toward ethical development. This vision conceptualises international education in terms of its impacts upon the lives of graduates and their local communities. Secondly, it sets out the main areas of the research enquiry the work and community work experiences of vietnamese overseas graduates who returned home (referred to in this book as returnees). Thirdly, it summarises the key arguments and the philosophical standing of the book. The conceptual frame and empirical evidences to support the arguments are pointed to the individual chapters in order to orientate the readers to the organisation of the book and how they could choose to read the book. 2019, Springer nature singapore pte ltd.

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