Internationalization With Vet Character: Key Emerging Issues

  • 31/03/2022
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This volume has highlighted the complexities of offering vocational education and training across national borders, the nature and forms of internationalization of vet in different contexts and the impacts of mobility on educational work in the distinctive context of vet. In this chapter, we summarize the key issues as addressed by the authors in this volume and we note areas for further study and research. Emerging issues include the lack of comparable, system-wide and timely data on vet systems and students; the limited research on vet systems and the apparent lower status of vet for researchers and indeed for families seeking educational opportunities; the conjunction of withdrawal of funding for higher education in developed countries with the need for rapid training of technical and vocational workers in developing nations. Finally, authors in this volume consider the hegemonic aspects of english as the preferred language of training across many countries. The chapter also highlights the need for further research on the practices, trends, tensions and innovation in international vet and on the motivations of the students who undertake it and the teachers who provide the training. 2017, Springer international publishing ag.

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