Intercultural Competence in Practice: Reflections on Establishing Crosscultural Collaborative Education Programmes

  • 31/03/2022
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A s globalisation extends computing, information, and communications technologies across an increasing number of cultural boundaries, generating a corresponding need for cross-cultural education partnerships, the need for cultural sensitivity and understanding becomes paramount. It becomes paramount, not only in cross-cultural teams negotiating collaborative agreements, but also in cross-cultural teaching situations. It is imperative, therefore, that such crossing cultural boundaries is grounded in the ideals of intercultural competence (icc), including an understanding of and adaptation to culturally-based norms and values. Underlying cultural assumptions affect the different negotiating teams’ approach to the negotiation process, to teacher-student interaction techniques and relationships and to group work. This paper explores both the theoretical background and the actual experiences of a new zealand and vietnamese negotiating team, and the subsequent experiences of a new zealand teacher in a vietnamese classroom. This is but one of a plethora of examples of global intercultural collaboration in practice. 2010 Acm.

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