Integrating the History of Mathematics Into Mathematics Education: a Case Study of Teaching the Quadratic Equations

  • 31/03/2022
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Mathematics is an important subject in high schools, but it is quite a difficult and arid subject. Therefore, in order to create interest in learning and explore knowledge for students, teachers need to choose appropriate teaching methods. There are many different teaching methods including integrated ones. Currently, integrating the history of mathematics into teaching is of interest to many researchers. With the topic of integrating mathematical history, the goal that the research set out was to introduce the methods of infusing mathematical history into teaching quadratic equations through worksheets. This study was conducted with 44 10th grade students at a high school in soc trang province, vietnam. The content of the worksheets introduced students to four methods of solving quadratic equations, two of which belonged to two famous mathematicians, vite and descartes. After reading and comprehending the solution methods, students would solve the equations according to the four given methods. At the end of the lesson, the researchers collected the students’ opinions through the questionnaire. Through analysis of survey results, it was shown that teaching integrated the mathematical history with worksheets created excitement and interest for students, thus making them more motivated and creating a comfortable classroom atmosphere. Copyright2019 by authors, all rights reserved.

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