Influence of Organizational and Technological Aspects on the Knowledge Sharing Behaviour in the Vietnams University Context

  • 31/03/2022
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This study tries to investigate the influence of organizational culture, leadership style, human resource practices, technology support and job demands on the knowledge sharing behavior of academic and administrative staff in vietnamese universities. Six research hypotheses were formulated in this study and a multiple regression was applied to test the hypotheses. The sample used for this study consists of 123 lecturers and supporting staffs working in ten universities in hanoi. This study reveals some interesting results related to the non-significant association between culture, reward and the knowledge sharing behavior of individuals in university context while confirming the role of leadership style and it support on the knowledge sharing behavior of individuals in universities. Findings from this study suggest that job demands; training and development; and technology support are the strongest drivers for the knowledge sharing behavior of lecturers in universities. 2015, Canadian center of science and education. All rights reserved.

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