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Improving the Self-awareness Capacity of Secondary School Students by Forming a School Counseling Model Based on Student Capacity Development Orientation in Vietnam

  • 31/03/2022
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The self-awareness capacity has long been no stranger in the foreign education, but in vietnam, selfawareness capacity has only been developed in education in recent years. The self-awareness capacity related problems among vietnamese students have been exacerbated such as gender-based violence, gender bias, wrong career choices, disorientation and school counseling activities currently could not support this difficulty for students. Based on the theoretical framework of self-awareness capacity from previous studies in vietnam and further developing the aspects of self-awareness by age, the questionnaire had been done to survey of 726 lower-secondary school students and 474 upper-secondary school students to find the situation of their self-awareness capacity problems, as well as the need for self-awareness capacity problems counseling. The results demonstrated a positive correlation between self-awareness capacity problems and students’ need for self-awareness capacity problems counseling. In addition, identifying self-awareness capacity problems encountered by students helps us to develop a new school counseling model, as well as a process to counsel self-awareness capacity problems for students to enhance the self-awareness capacity and support school counseling activities effectively, also meeting the requirements of renewing the general curriculum in the students’ capacity development orientation in vietnam. Scientia socialis.

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