Graduate Employability: Beyond the Skills Agenda

  • 31/03/2022
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Employability is high on the university agenda worldwide and the dominant discourse of enhancing graduate employability (ge) in higher education focuses on the skills agenda. This chapter challenges the accepted link between the skills agenda and ge. It forwards the message that the process of enhancing ge should go beyond the instrumental approach of equipping students with the knowledge and skills employers require. Rather, the student employment trajectory is complex, and higher education or the first employment is just the beginning of that trajectory. Universities should not only help their students develop their knowledge and skills, but also draw student awareness to the outside societal and labour market conditions and find ways to help students better prepare to be more flexible and adaptable to the local and international working environment. It is also time for a more meaningful dialogue among related stakeholders to identify collaborated roles and responsibilities of each party in the process of enhancing ge. 2019 Selection and editorial matter, hong t. M. Bui, hoa t. M. Nguyen and doug cole.

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