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From Somebody to Nobody: International Doctoral Students Perspectives of Homehost Connectedness

  • 31/03/2022
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Connectedness is an important but under-researched issue in transnational education. Using part of a project that involves interviews with 30 vietnamese doctoral students in australia, this chapter analyses the formation of academic connectedness of international doctoral students through the narratives of two participants. The data was interpreted via the lens of transnational social field theory and positioning theory. We argue that international doctoral students connectedness is constructed idiosyncratically, influenced by their positions, identities, and transnational social fields. The results of the study reveal that there is home connection in host and host connection in home. Notably, while studying in the host country, these international doctoral students feel connected but not belonged to the host institutions. They maintain a strong sense of belongingness to home, yet there emerges a sense of disconnectedness with home institutions upon their return. Springer science+business media singapore 2017.

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