From School Militarization to School Securitization: National Security Finds Its Place in Schools

  • 31/03/2022
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This ethnography explores daily life at milton high school, a us public school with its own specialized homeland security program. From military grunts serving in distant theaters of war to transportation security administration (tsa) agents defending the us borderlands to national security administration (nsa) technicians monitoring worldwide cyber communications, miltons homeland security program trained students for the multiple permutations of the global war on terror. Based on my ethnographic fieldwork conducted at milton, this article offers an analysis of what I call school securitization. While growing critical education scholarship importantly investigates the intensification of militarized education evident in the rise of military charter schools and harsh disciplinary regimes, this ethnography documents how other actors like major defense contractors, security companies, and federal agencies contributed to the schools remaking. Broadening the analytical framework of school militarization to school securitization accounts for the range of actors, institutions, epistemologies, and security-oriented beliefs beyond the military that shape public education for the production of violence. 2015 Taylor & francis.

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