Family, School, Country of Birth and Adolescents’ Psychological Well-being

  • 31/03/2022
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Giới thiệu

This study compares foreign-born adolescents’ psychological well-being with that of their native-born peers, and explores whether supports from family and school can contribute to the psychological well-being of this unique age group. Using the california health interview survey’s adolescent questionnaire 2003, this study finds that the additional risk factors stemming from the stresses of migration, resettlement, and assimilation do not necessarily lessen foreign-born adolescents’ sense of psychological well-being. Foreign-born adolescents’ unique family environment, life experiences, and/or cultural norms have a protective effect on them and support their development. Social services and interventions therefore should focus on strengthening immigrant families, building strong ties between families and schools, and developing cultural programs geared to the various immigrant groups. Taylor & francis group, llc.

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