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Facilitating Student Interaction Capabilities: the Interplay of Individual, Group, and Course-related Factors

  • 31/03/2022
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Marketing education increasingly recognizes the active role of students in their learning experience. Students co-create learning outcomes through interacting with course resources and other students. However, there is little understanding of the factors that support the development of students ability to interact in this learning environment. This paper examines the influence of individual and group characteristics that exist at group formation, on the development of the group and ultimately its interaction capabilities. We identify that individual goal orientation and motivation predict shared academic goals and commitment to learning. Over a period of time, these factors promote a shared vision and recognition of peer learning opportunities provided by the course, and subsequently drive student interaction capabilities. The results imply that in order to enhance interaction among students, marketing educators should focus efforts on developing peer learning opportunities and consider individual and group goals and commitment to learning when forming student groups. 2016 Informa uk limited, trading as taylor & francis group.

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