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Enrollment of Underrepresented Minorities in Nursing Majors: a Cross Sectional Analysis of U.s. Nursing Schools

  • 31/03/2022
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Purpose: to investigate if underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities have distinct enrollment patterns when different diversity programmatic services are in place. Design: secondary analysis of linked data from an electronic survey conducted (2012-2013) and aacn baccalaureate enrollment data across 25 schools of nursing in 15 states. Logistic regression was used to determine the likelihood of minority student enrollment in nursing programs when 14 distinct programmatic support services were in operation. Findings: asian students were most likely to enroll in nursing programs with career services in place (o.R. 2.2, P = 0.01). Black/african american student enrollment was associated with financial support (o.R., 1.52, P = <.001), Mentoring (o.R. = 2.49, P = <.001), Community partnerships (o.R. 1.97, P = <.001), Diversity workshops (o.R. = 1.95, P = <.001) And clinical experiences (or. = 2.25, P= <.001), Academic (o.R. = 2.58, P = <.001), And psychosocial (or 1.74, P = <.001) Services. Hispanic student enrollment was associated with academic support (o.R. 2.97, P = <.001), Mentoring (o.R. 1.38, P = <.001), Diversity workshops (o.R. 1.22, P = <.001), And community service (o.R. 1.66, P = <.001). Non-hispanic white students were more apt to be enrolled in nursing schools offering financial support (o.R., 1.27, P= <.001), Internships/externships (o.R.= 1.5, P = <.001), Research opportunities (o.R. 2.01, P = <.001), Clinical experiences (o.R. = 1.71, P = <.001), Diversity workshops (o.R. 1.2, P = <.001). Conclusions: differences in enrollment patterns among minority students may be attributed to efficacy of individual structured support services. These differences suggest the importance of tailoring diversity support services to meet the unique needs of students from diverse backgrounds. 2015 Elsevier ltd.

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