Energy-efficient Learning System Using Web-based Panoramic Virtual Photoreality for Interactive Construction Safety Education

  • 31/03/2022
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Construction safety education plays a crucial role in improving the safety performance in the construction industry. Many research works have successfully adopted computerized three-dimensional model-based virtual reality (3d-vr) to provide students with adequate safety knowledge and skills before they enter construction sites. Despite the advantages of improving learning outcomes, 3d-vr has limitations not only in reflecting real-world visibility but also in consuming significant energy and requiring strict user-device compatibility. Therefore, this research methodology was initiated with a thorough investigation of vr application in construction safety education. On the basis of a literature review, the study subsequently analyzes the energy-consumption problems of conventional vr systems. Initial findings motivate the development of an energy-efficient learning system (the interactive constructive safety education (ecse)) using web-based panoramic virtual photoreality technology for interactive construction safety education. The ecse system provides three key interactive modules, namely, lesson delivery (ld), practical experience (pe), and knowledge assessment (ka), for use in mobile devices. The trial system has been developed and validated through scenarios derived from real construction sites. The preliminary evaluation reveals that the ecse system not only overcomes the 3d-vr limitations in terms of energy efficiency, user device adaptability, and easy implementation, but also improves learning usability. 2018 By the authors.

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