Empowering Education from the Perspective of a Language Classroom

  • 31/03/2022
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This chapter researches the perspectives of english language teachers at a midwestern university in the united states concerning the teaching of the english language and how the teachers empower students in their language classrooms. Through syllabus analyses and surveys and interviews with three experienced english teachers, this study seeks to provide a better understanding of the english language classroom utilizing critical pedagogy with a focus on empowerment aspects. Discussions are tailored to learning content and objectives, teachers’ attitudes and perspectives about the teaching of english language, students’ participation in the construction of the learning program and the learning process, and teachers’ methods to encourage students’ critical reflection on their learning. Results from this research show that english teaching practices of the teachers under investigation focus heavily on pragmatic aspects of the target language with little to no interest in economic or sociopolitical issues. Although the students have been invited to participate in designing what they will learn, there is little room for critical reflection and active participation in the learning process. 2014 By nova science publishers, inc. All rights reserved.

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