Dilemmas in Examining Understanding of Nature of Science in Vietnam

  • 31/03/2022
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Scholars proved nature of science (nos) has made certain contributions to science teaching and learning. Nonetheless, what, how and how much nos should be integrated in the science curriculum of each country cannot be a benchmark, due to the influence of culture and society. Before employing nos in a new context, it should be carefully studied. In assessing views of nos in vietnam, a developing country with eastern culture where the nos is not consider a compulsory learning outcome, there are several issues that researchers and educators should notice to develop an appropriate instrument that can clearly exhibit a nos view of vietnamese. They may include: time for the survey; length, content, type, and terms of the questionnaire; vietnamese epistemology and philosophy; and some other vietnamese social and cultural aspects. The most important reason for these considerations is that a vietnamese view of nos and nos assessment possibly differs from the western ideas due to the social and cultural impact. As a result, a western assessment tool may become less effective in an eastern context. The suggestions and implications in this study were derived from a prolonged investigation on vietnamese science teacher educators and student teachers of school of education, at can tho university, a state university in mekong delta region, vietnam. 2015, Springer science+business media dordrecht.

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