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Digital Transformation: a Digital Learning Case Study

  • 31/03/2022
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Fpt education.S vision is igsm (i-industry, g-global, s-smart education and mega). The vision is to become a mega internationalized education system, to meet the needs of the society, and to base on state of the art education technology. In recent years, fpt education as a member of fpt corporation, a leading ict corporation in vietnam, has been keeping up with its idigital transformationi strategy. Basing on the current practices, the study is conducted to evaluate and analyze the status of digital transformation in the academic activities such as digital learning in the undergraduate and vocational program, thereafter recommend the resolutions for the digital learning in other programs of fpt education. The paper selects the quantitative method emphasizing on collecting and processing the data of digital learning of fpt education in 2018 through available resources. It is recommended that beyond the scope of this paper, there should be further studies for digital transformation in the supporting activities such digital marketing, digital documentation, employee service portals (esc) and so on. Above all, fpt education strongly desires to become a digital institution in the digital age. 2019 Association for computing machinery.

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