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  • Development of Stem Education Learning Unit in Context of Vietnam Tan Cuong Tea Village

Development of Stem Education Learning Unit in Context of Vietnam Tan Cuong Tea Village

  • 08/08/2021
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The paper will clarify stem learning activities using team teaching approach by the physics, chemistry, and biology through sutaphan nad yuenyong [11] context based stem education learning approach. The activity will be started by identification of social issues that science teacher raises the social issue about the tea production process in tan cuong, thai nguyen, vietnam. The context may engage students to learn concept on heat transfer, chemical composition, ecosystem, and so on in order to practice among concepts in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The decision making stage, lets the students decide on how they are going to make the required prototype for physics, chemistry and biology aspect as possible solutions to the problem. The development of prototype or product stage, students are given enough time to create the tea dryer machine, fertilizers or system of growing the tea plant, short flim for advertising the tan cuong tea village stem education tourist place. Test and evaluation of the solution stage, students will apply their knowledge related to their prototype or product for test and evaluation of the solution. The socialization and completion decision stage, the students? Will have an exhibit of their output. The paper will discuss how to provide students chance to applying stem knowledge through these activities. Published under licence by iop publishing ltd.

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