Developing Assessment Criteria of a Lesson for Creativity to Promote Teaching for Creativity

  • 31/03/2022
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In the 21st century, the development of students creativity has become a significant teaching objective for school teachers. International research has found that teaching for creativity is challenging for a number of reasons. Teachers limited understanding of creativity and of pedagogies of creativity is among the most common reasons hindering teaching for creativity. To promote teaching for creativity in vietnam, assessment criteria of a lesson for creativity (aclc) was developed. It was used in guiding and assessing the teachers preparation and implementation of lessons for creativity in a quasi-experimental design in one upper and one lower secondary school in hanoi, vietnam. This paper reports how the aclc was developed and used in chemistry, history, language arts, and mathematics grade 10 classrooms at the upper secondary school in the 20152016 school year. Findings indicate that the aclc effectively supported the teachers in their preparation and implementation of teaching for creativity at these vietnamese secondary schools. Findings also indicate that specifically guiding the teachers in how to use the aclc and giving them prompt feedback on their teaching for creativity is helpful in promoting teaching for creativity. 2017 Elsevier ltd

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