Dataset of Vietnamese Student’s Learning Habits During Covid-19

  • 08/08/2021
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A dataset was constructed to examine vietnamese student’s learning habits during the time schools were suspended due to the novel coronavirus – sars-cov-2 (covid-19), in response to a call for interdisciplinary research on the potential effects of the coronavirus pandemic (elsevier, 2020). The questionnaires were spread over a network of educational communities on facebook from february 7 to february 28, 2020. Using the snowball sampling method, researchers delivered the survey to teachers and parents to provide formal consent before they forwarded it to their students and children. In order to measure the influence of students socioeconomic status and occupational aspirations on their learning habits during school closures, the survey included three major groups of questions: (1) individual demographics, including family socioeconomic status, school type, and occupational aspirations; (2) student’s learning habits, including hours of learning before and during the period of school suspension, with and without other people’s support; and (3) students perceptions of their self-learning during the school closures. There was a total of 920 clicks on the survey link, but only 460 responses accompanied by consent forms were received. Non-credible answers (e.G., Year of birth after 2009, more than 20 hours of learning per day) were eliminated. The final dataset included 420 valid observations. 2020 The author(s)

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