Construction Hazard Investigation Leveraging Object Anatomization on an Augmented Photoreality Platform

  • 31/03/2022
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Hazard investigation education plays a crucial role in equipping students with adequate knowledge and skills to avoid or eliminate construction hazards at workplaces. With the emergence of various visualization technologies, virtual photoreality as well as 3d virtual reality have been adopted and proved advantageous to various educational disciplines. Despite the significant benefits of providing an engaging and immersive learning environment to promote construction education, recent research has also pointed out that virtual photoreality lacks a 3d object anatomization tools to support learning, while 3d-virtual reality cannot provide a real-world environment. In recent years, research efforts have studied virtual reality applications separately, and there is a lack of research integrating these technologies to overcome limitations and maximize advantages for enhancing learning outcomes. In this regard, the paper develops a construction hazard investigation system leveraging object anatomization on an interactive augmented photoreality platform (iapr). The proposed iapr system integrates virtual photoreality with 3d-virtual reality. The iapr consists of three key learning modules, namely hazard understanding module (hum), hazard recognition module (hrm), and safety performance module (spm), which adopt the revised bloom’s taxonomy theory. A prototype is developed and evaluated objectively through interactive system trials with educators, construction professionals, and learners. The findings demonstrate that the iapr platform has significant pedagogic methods to improve learner’s construction hazard investigation knowledge and skills, which improve safety performance. 2019 By the authors.

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