Citation in Vietnamese Tesol: Analysis of Master’s Thesis Introduction Chapters

  • 31/03/2022
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Citation is an important rhetorical feature of academic writing which allows writers to interact with readers and to exhibit the breadth of their knowledge in a specific area. However, there has been a scarcity of studies on how non-native english students cite in their master’s theses. This paper, therefore, presents the study of in-text citations in 24 tesol master’s thesis introduction chapters written by vietnamese students. Employing the antconc and previous frameworks for citation types and functions and reporting verbs, the study revealed that besides an insignificant preference for integral citations and a very limited number of citation functions and reporting verbs used in their introduction chapters, this group of writers were likely to be unaware of the rhetorical consequences of their citations. Moreover, the presence of several secondary citations, their “invented” citing ways, grammatical mistakes, the absence of further discussions of the cited works and a limited number of reporting verbs were also identified. These findings indicate a need for an increased amount of formal instruction in academic writing courses which aims at equipping novice writers with the means of successfully acknowledging the sources and at raising their awareness of the various functions and rhetorical effects that their use of citations and reporting verbs have in their academic writing.

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