Chinese International Students in Australia: an Insight Into Their Help and Information Seeking Manners

  • 31/03/2022
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Understanding the ways that international students seek information and help in the host country is essential for improving academic, social, cultural, and welfare support for this student cohort. However, there is a dearth of literature that documents how international students in the vocational education and training (vet) sector do so. This paper aims to fill this gap. Based on in-depth interviews with 30 chinese international students undertaking diploma and associate degree programs in australia, this research shows that the ways in which chinese international students seek help prior to their departure and after their arrival at the host country, largely depends on the nature of the issues they confront. The data also reveals that students’ use of education agents is not limited to the pre-departure stage, as is indicated in the existing literature, but throughout their journey in the host country. Notably, the role of agents has become increasingly important in chinese international students’ decision-making processes during their transition from diploma to associate degree and higher education programs.

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