Career Adaptation: the Relation of Adaptability to Goal Orientation, Proactive Personality, and Career Optimism

  • 31/03/2022
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This study examines the psychometric properties of the career adapt-abilities scale (caas) and its relation to adaptivity (i.E., Learning goal orientation, proactive personality, and career optimism) among australian university students (n = 555). Results demonstrated adequate levels of test-retest reliability (r = 61 to.76) And internal consistency ( = .83 To .94) For the caas full scale and subscales over a 4-week interval between measurements. Confirmatory factor analysis also supported the multidimensional and hierarchical model of career adaptability resources. The factor structure generally corresponded with that obtained from other caas international validation, thus, expanding its cross-national measurement equivalence. In addition, correlation results supported the predicted positive association between career adaptability and adaptivity in the form of learning goal orientation, proactive personality, and career optimism. Taken together, the present findings confirm the psychometric utility of caas in the australian context and substantiate the proposition that higher personal adaptive readiness relates to better career adaptability among young people. 2013 Elsevier inc.

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