Can Knowledge Be Transferred from Business Schools to Business Organizations Through In-service Training Students? Sem and Fsqca Findings

  • 31/03/2022
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Employing the ability-motivation-opportunity model, this study proposes that knowledge acquired from business schools by students, students’ intrinsic motivation, and innovative culture of business organizations are factors that affect the transfer of knowledge from business schools to business organizations through in-service training students. Using a sample of 843 in-service training business students in vietnam, the results from sem (structural equation modeling) support the hypotheses, except for the impact of innovative culture on knowledge transfer. However, the results from fsqca (fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis) with the same data set reveal that none of the above-mentioned factors are sufficient conditions for knowledge transfer. Instead, combinations of these three factors are. Overall, it is believed that the study findings shed light on a new channel of knowledge transfer, that is, in-service training students, not investigated by prior research. 2014 Elsevier inc.

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