Autonomy in Teaching Curriculum Development at Vietnam National University, Hanoi: Current Situation and Solutions

  • 31/03/2022
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Vietnam national university, hanoi (vnu) has been entrusted by the government with the pioneering role in training high quality human resource, initiating new directions for the development of the countrys science and technology. Since established, vnu has been given autonomy in curriculum development and opening new training disciplines. With this autonomy, vnu has always focused on developing spearhead scientific and academic disciplines to meet the diversified and increasing demands of domestic and international labor markets. Vnu, then grant the autonomy to its member universities. However, the decentralization to member universities and faculties in developing teaching curriculum encounters certain difficulties. The questions put forward are how much autonomy in developing curricula can be granted to member universities and faculties? And how to improve the quality of the curricula? The data collected from 256 staff by means of a survey questionnaire and 15 vnu managing officials through in-depth interviews reveal the reality in developing curricula at vietnam national university hanoi and the advantages and disadvantages of the autonomy. Based on the results, some solutions are suggested to improve the curriculum quality. 2018, Southeast asian association for institutional research. All rights reserved.

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